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swore never to be silent whenever and wherever human beings endure suffering and humiliationWe must always take sidesNeutrality helps the oppressornever the victimSilence encourages the tormentornever thetormented.

                                                                                                             Elie Wiesel

A blog for you…..

This is where you can have your stories published about the care you or your loved ones have had while in hospital.

This is where you can interact with others on the subject of care within the NHS.

This is where you can view helpful links, and news stories.

This is a blog for you.

You can email me directly on if you would like me to publish your story. Please note, that I may not be able to publish names etc for legal reasons.

You can also email me any helpful links which I can publish on the blog.

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The Last Six Months Including Fifty True Life Stories Kindly Contributed By My Readers

The Last Six Months is about my mother who went into an NHS hospital for a routine hip operation. Her condition deteriorated soon after her operation, so I started writing notes every day. Six months later I was still writing. My notes have become an up-to-date diary during this terrible and tragic course of events.

My readers have also kindly contributed their own stories in this 2nd edition. I want these stories to be brought to the public as this is still happening in our hospitals today, and should never be yesterday’s news. We should always remember to write everything down. I am one of many fighting for the right for people to be treated with respect, dignity and ultimate care within our NHS system.

Together we can make a difference. Strength In Numbers

Buy from

Paperback Edition


Kindle Edition


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What your friends with cancer want you to know (but are afraid to say)

People with cancer are supposed to be heroic.
We fight a disease that terrifies everyone.
We are strong because we endure treatments that can feel worse than the actual malignancies.
We are brave because our lab tests come back with news we don’t want to hear.
The reality of life with cancer is very different from the image we try to portray.
Our fight is simply a willingness to go through treatment because, frankly, the alternative sucks. Strength? We endure pain and sickness for the chance to feel normal down the road. Brave? We build up an emotional tolerance and acceptance of things we can’t change. Faith kicks in to take care of the rest.
The truth is that if someone you love has cancer, they probably won’t be completely open about what they’re going through because they’re trying so hard to be strong.
For you.
However, if they could be truly honest and vulnerable, they would tell you:

Please click on the link to read the ten things your friends with Cancer want you to know


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A Brilliant Quote


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NHS Highland accused of ‘breaching human rights’

A health board is being accused of breaching the human rights of two patients who have had to travel almost 700 miles a week for months to access dialysis treatment.
The women, who both live in Campbeltown, have to travel to Vale of Leven Hospital in ­Alexandria as NHS Highland provides no dialysis machines.
Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, Kathleen Sharp, 64, and Mary MacKay, 73, make the six-hour, 230-mile return trip to hospital. A third dialysis patient from the isle of Gigha clocks up almost 600 miles a week and is collected in a separate car to tie in with ferry times.

Click on the link to read more


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Cancer patient denied life-giving drugs by NHS has to find £2,000 a WEEK to fund them

Terminally ill with brain cancer, Reece Hawley’s spirits were raised when doctors told him the drug Avastin could significantly prolong his life.
But the 21-year-old’s glimmer of hope was cruelly snatched away by health chiefs who refused to fund the treatment on the NHS.
And now the trainee primary school teacher is desperately trying to raise £2,000 a week to buy the drug – which can extend a cancer sufferer’s life for up to two years.
His generous friends and family have put on a string of events to find the cash so they can have more time with Reece.

Click on the link to read more


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Safe nurse staffing levels could cost £414m, says NICE

Ensuring safe nursing staff levels on adult hospital wards will cost the NHS up to £414m, according to an official estimate by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence. But some leading nurses say the true cost will be at least double that.
The impact assessment estimated the cost of implementing the NICE staffing guidance for adult acute wards, which was published earlier this month, could be anything from £0 to £414m.
The guidance said less than two registered nurses on a ward at any time was a patient safety “red flag” that required action, and acknowledged a ratio of more than eight patients to one registered nurse could increase the risk of a red flag occurring.
Last week NICE followed up the guidance by publishing a separate analysis on its predicted financial impact. NICE said a realistic mid-point when it came to the cost would be around £207m – a 5% increase on current planned staffing levels.
However, it said the extra costs of safe staffing were likely to be offset by savings from fewer pressure ulcers and healthcare-acquired infections, shorter stays in hospital due to more effective care and reduced risk of being sued because of poor care.

Click on the link to read more from Nursing Times.Net
Safe nurse staffing levels could cost

Click on the link to read the full five-page NICE resource impact commentary


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The NHS revolving door scandal: How £1.6bn has been paid to sacked bosses in just four years

Nearly £1.6billion in redundancy payments has been given to NHS bureaucrats in the past four years, including thousands who have since been rehired.
In the past 12 months alone, at least £8million was spent paying off 40 managers, handed cheques for £200,000 or more.
A revolving door in the NHS means 4,000 managers paid off since the last election later returned to the health payroll.

Read more


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Widow is denied the chance to have dead husband’s baby after NHS bosses ‘refuse IVF on the grounds she is SINGLE’

Nursery nurse Donna Turner has been refused the chance to have her dead husband’s baby because NHS bosses said it would make her a single parent.
Mrs Turner last night told how she had been refused IVF treatment using sperm taken from her husband of only eight months.
Surgeons had even reversed Paul Turner’s vasectomy as he lay dying from bowel cancer, just months after the couple married, so the sperm could be harvested and frozen to fulfil the couple’s desperate wish to have a baby.
Mrs Turner said NHS staff had turned her down for IVF treatment because, as a widow, she was officially single.

Click on the link to read more


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Faulty NHS equipment kills 300 people a year: Further 5,000 are left seriously injured by devices including pacemakers and MRI scanners

More than 300 patients a year are dying due to faulty NHS equipment, according to a damning new report.
Nearly 5,000 people were left seriously injured last year after using faulty equipment including pacemakers, MRI and CT scanners, according to a report by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers.
In the highest annual total of deaths since records began, 309 patients died last year in ‘adverse incidents’ linked to medical devices.

Click on the link to read more


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Risk of infecting surgery patients with CJD not taken seriously, say MPs

Health officials must do more to prevent the spread of variant CJD, the human form of BSE, say MPs. They warn that the ongoing risks of infection are not being taken seriously enough.
Some hospitals may have put patients at risk by failing to decontaminate surgical tools used on people with vCJD, and it was impossible to know if the national blood supply was clear of the infectious agent, they said.
The MPs go on to accuse ministers of complacency and to call for a fresh effort to develop better sterilisation procedures and the establishment of a large blood-screening trial in the next 12 months to reveal the scale of the “silent infection”.

Click on the link to read more


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Meeting at Department of Health

Dear All, I was invited by representatives from a Coalition of Health Campaign Groups, Healed by Compassion (formerly Heal the Regulators) on 16 July at the Department of Health, and 21st July with one of the Directors of NHS England. We had good discussions on important issues affecting patients and staff. This will be the start of a good working relationship, and my hope is that the link will give us a voice in complaints, and care.

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First NHS efficiency tables expose ‘profligate’ waste

The first ever NHS efficiency league tables have disclosed “profligate and scandalous” waste – with some hospitals spending eight times as much as others to buy exactly the same products. The figures suggest that overall, more than £1 bn could be saved across the NHS from its £14 billion budget.
The data, published for the first time, compares spending by 244 NHS trusts on 100 of the most common products.

The lottery in NHS spending: the highest and lowest sums paid by trusts for the same items
• Surgical gloves [per pair]
Hertfordshire Community trust £0.50
The Princess Alexandra Hospital trust £1.28
• A4 paper white [500 sheets]
Moorfields Eye Hospital Foundation trust £1.84
2Gether Foundation trust £4.34
• Anti-embolism stockings [each]
The Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital foundation trust £2.51
West Suffolk NHS foundation trust £5.62
• Single use tourniquets [100 units]
North West Ambulance Service trust £6.03
2Gether Foundation trust £13.12
• Toilet tissue [100 units]
Burton Hospitals Foundation trust £32.78
City Hospitals Sunderland Foundation trust £66.72
• Patient sling [each]
Moorfields Eye Hospital Foundation trust £15.00
Plymouth Hospitals trust £28.20
• Hypodermic syringe [100 units]
Hinchingbrooke Healthcare trust £4.21
The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre Foundation trust £6.25
• Medical wipes [100 units]
North West Ambulance Service trust £1.95
Kingston Hospital Foundation trust £2.53

Click on the link to read more


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Complaints against doctors double

The rise in the use of social media has contributed to a doubling of complaints against doctors in five years, it has been reported.
Negative press coverage and a decline in “deference” towards doctors from patients has led to the soaring number of complaints, which rose from 5,168 in 2007 to 10,347 in 2012.

Click on the link to read more


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Nurses ‘stripped war hero, 93, of his dignity’ by leaving him naked and lying in his own urine days before he died

Frank Foster was battling fatal brain tumour and admitted to hospital in May
Daughter says nurses at Tunbridge Wells Hospital, Kent, ignored his cries
She said she found him ‘tearing his clothes off in agony’ on a soaked bed
So appalled she took pictures of him and lodged complaints with staff
Mr Foster, a solider in King’s Royal Rifle Cops, died six days later on June 13
He fought and was shot in the Battle of El Alamein in the Second World War
Hospital has launched an internal investigation into the care of Mr Foster

Click on the link to read more


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NHS staffing guidelines: it would be a mistake to set minimum levels

Adequate staffing levels, although necessary, are not enough to guarantee safe and high quality care
In the wake of the Francis inquiry and Berwick review, Nice’s new safe staffing guidelines, for which I produced the statistical and economic analysis, may have caused surprise by stopping short of setting minimum staffing levels. Yet doing so would have been a mistake. It would have led to repeated mistakes across management of health services, abdicating responsibility for the correct completion of checklists and targets, while failing to acknowledge human experience.

Click on the link to read more


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Anger as operation blunders are revealed by Scots NHS boards

PATIENTS’ groups reacted with fury yesterday after it emerged 35 Scots have been victims of operation blunders in the last five years.
Mistakes include one patient having a needle put into the wrong side of their chest in an emergency procedure and others having operations on the incorrect part of their head.
Four out of Scotland’s 14 health boards admitted operating on the wrong body parts.
NHS Tayside revealed they had 20 incidents in which staff had incorrectly carried out operations or procedures on the wrong part of their body – but could not provide details.

Click on the link to read more


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Hospital patients and staff scared to complain says MP

Patients, relatives, and staff are scared of speaking out about problems in hospitals, MP Ann Clwyd has warned.
Ms Clwyd – critical of her late husband’s care in a Cardiff hospital – said some were afraid complaining would mean poorer treatment.
She said she had calls about the issue from medical staff who would not give names for fear of being sacked.
Ministers said they wanted everyone to “feel comfortable” raising any concerns they have about the Welsh NHS.

Click on the link to read more


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NICE sets out guidance on safe nurse staffing levels for hospitals

Less than two registered nurses present on a ward during any shift, day or night, represents a patient safety “red flag”, according to major guidelines for the NHS.
In addition, nurse managers must check staffing levels are safe on hospital wards where each registered nurse is caring for more than eight patients during day shifts.
The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence has today published the final version of its much-anticipated guidance on safe staffing levels for acute inpatient wards – the first of a series covering a range of healthcare settings.

Click on the link to read more
NICE sets out guidance on safe nurse staffing levels for hospitals


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How to claim a refund on NHS care home fees

Two million elderly people have had to use their savings to cover care fees over the last five years when they could be entitled to free treatment through the NHS
Hundreds of UK families are owed thousands of pounds, after being forced to sell their homes, in order to pay for care home fees.

Click on the link to read more


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Figures expose ambulance delays in life and death calls

Thousands of patients suffering life-threatening emergencies are waiting longer for ambulances across the country.
The average waiting time for the most urgent 999 calls has lengthened in every part in the country in the past three years, according to official statistics, with patients waiting 60 per cent longer for paramedics in some areas.
Last night patients’ groups said the growing delays were “unacceptable”, while medical experts said they were risking the lives of those suffering emergencies such as strokes and heart attacks.

Click on the link to read more


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NHS crackdown to claw back migrants’ £500m in welfare tourism

MIGRANTS who travel to Britain from outside Europe for NHS treatment will be charged 150 per cent of the cost in a new crackdown on welfare tourism to be unveiled by ministers today.
Tory Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt said new rules on charging foreign visitors would provide hospital bosses with an incentive to chase payments.
The new measures could help claw back up to £500million spent by the NHS on treating foreigners.
Mr Hunt will announce that NHS trusts must take the personal details of foreign patients so they can be traced and made to pay.

Click on the link to read more


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Outrage as ‘Dr Death’ offers euthanasia tours of ‘inspiring’ Auschwitz: Claims the visit will ‘clarify confusion’ about dying

I have been to Auschwitz and it is far from ‘inspiring’ A death camp where men women and children were murdered from pain and torture. It Sickens me to read this, what the hell is our world coming to… Joanna

A controversial doctor who practises euthanasia has sparked outrage by organising a tour to Auschwitz because he says the Nazi death camp is ‘inspiring’.
Belgian doctor Wim Distelmans, who has been dubbed ‘Dr Death’ for administering lethal injections, claims the visit will ‘clarify confusion’ about dying as well as addressing the issue of euthanasia.

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Surgeon wins fight after NHS cover-up

A SURGEON is seeking a seven-figure compensation payout after an employment tribunal ruled he was unfairly sacked for gross misconduct after blowing the whistle on poor patient care at a hospital.
Arjuna Weerasinghe, who believes he contracted pneumonia in a filthy operating theatre at Basildon Hospital in Essex, raised concerns in 2010 after vital equipment was unavailable when he performed surgery on a man who died three days later.

Click on the link to read more
Surgeon wins fight after NHS cover up


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Now police called in over whistleblower’s claims of a ‘cover-up’ at the top of the NHS that led to deaths

Police are investigating whistleblower Gary Walker’s claims of a ‘cover-up’ at the top of the NHS that led to deaths, the Mail can reveal.
The allegations implicate several former and serving senior NHS managers who could now be interviewed in the inquiry.
Mr Walker was dismissed from his job as chief executive of United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust in 2010 after raising fears that a Labour drive to meet targets compromised safety. He claims a £500,000 taxpayer-funded gagging order was used to stop him speaking out.

Click on the link to read more


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The day I met the boy who was given my son’s heart

When John Carter died of a brain tumour, his parents found comfort in the knowledge his heart would save someone else’s life.
But they had no idea whose … until an amazing chance encounter five years later brought them together with the man rescued by the transplant.
The 19-year-old stranger was giving a reading at a memorial service when John’s mother Freda broke down in tears and said: ‘This person’s got my son’s heart.’

Click on the link to read more



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Getting your message out

Dear Friends, there are lots of ways to get your message out.

Starting your own facebook group page, mine is
Having a twitter account? mine is
Having a blog? well your here, go into to get started, and joining different websites is a brilliant site combining all campaigns.

Have you thought of writing a book on your story? You can self publish and all are free.

I know all this takes time, but there are great tutorials on the sites, and you can also go to and do a search on the subject you want to learn.


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NHS cuts branded an ‘utter disaster’ – MORE suicide attempts, a surge in anti-depressant usage and pressure on the NHS will spiral under cuts to a mental health service

A report sent by Yvonne Taylor, the chief operating officer of Oxford Health, that has been leaked to the Oxford Mail, states that cuts to funding in the county will see a “huge reduction” in support for 700 people with personality disorders.

Click on the link to read more

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NHS ‘falling short on complaints handling’ – Also contact BBC – Looking for people – How your complaint was handled?

The NHS still has a long way to go to improve the way it handles complaints, although there are signs of improvement, a survey suggests.
The NHS has been heavily criticised over its complaints system in the wake of the Stafford Hospital scandal.
The poll of 4,000 people in the UK by Populus for consumer group Which? found just a quarter were happy with the way their complaint had been handled

Have you had recent cause to register a complaint over NHS treatment? How was the complaint handled? You can email your experiences to, using the subject line ‘NHS complaints’ in the link below.

Click on the link


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Exclusive: Provider ordered to pay whistleblower £80k compensation – Nursing Times

A whistleblowing nurse has been awarded £80,000 by an employment tribunal that found she was unfairly dismissed after suffering “detriment” for making protected disclosures over patient safety concerns.
Elaine Fernandez won the case against Allied Healthcare Group, a provider of nursing services across the UK.

Click on the link to read more
Exclusive Provider ordered to pay whistleblower £80k compensation


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Woman who claims UK doctors failed to spot her cancer 16 TIMES chooses German treatment instead

A woman who claims that doctors failed to diagnose her terminal cancer during SIXTEEN appointments has given up on the NHS and gone abroad for care.
And now, after pioneering treatment in Germany that has cost thousands of pounds, Leigh Naylor is showing signs of recovery from cervical cancer.
Within weeks of the treatment, her “incurable” 8cm tumour –which she says medics here took 18 months to spot – started to shrink.

Click on the link to read more


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Naming and shaming GPs for too few cancer referrals will bring NHS to its knees, warn doctors

Government plans to name and shame doctors with poor cancer referral rates will cause huge queues in surgeries, hundreds of GPs warn today.
Dr Maureen Baker, the head of the Royal College of General Practitioners, said the chaos would be caused by doctors referring virtually all patients to be on safe side.
A second letter, signed by hundreds of doctors, said the plan was a “bullying tactics” and risked “bankrupting” the NHS.
Doctors face being marked with a red flag on an NHS website if they repeatedly miss signs of cancer in patients.
Practices will be given a green rating if they have quick referral times for patients who show possible signs of having the disease.

Click on the link to read more


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Lawrence Dallaglio brands NHS cancer treatment a ‘national disgrace’

Former England rugby captain Lawrence Dallaglio has written to the health secretary, Jeremy Hunt, describing NHS England as a “national disgrace” for going back on a deal to fund cutting-edge cancer treatment, it was reported.
Dallaglio accused the health service of “turning the clock back” on the way the disease is being treated by not paying for patients to have stereotactic radiotherapy.

Click on the link to read more


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NHS ‘illegally denying over-65s vital operations if they live in the wrong place’

The NHS is illegally denying over-65s vital operations, a report warns.
And for older people to get what they are entitled to is becoming a postcode lottery.
The Royal College of Surgeons and charity Age UK found “significant” regional variation in access to surgery.
Breast cancer patients aged over 65 are 37 times more likely to have surgery if they live in Swale, Kent, than in East Staffordshire.
And the number of hip replacements per 10,000 over-65s varies from just 10.7 in Bradford to 112.7 in wealthy Newbury, Berks.

Click on the link to read more


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My nan’s body died… today – Dedicated to my nan, Eileen RIP – by John David Baker

My nan’s body died… today
We buried her shell
She was a lovely women, that for the last three years had lived a life of hell!
Surrounded, by people she did not know
Surrounded, by carring, but hard pressed staff, in a nursing home
The frail old lady that could not… talk
The frail old lady that could not… walk
The frail old lady in the… incontinent pads!
The frail old lady that could not… dance
The frail old lady, that sat and napped all day
The scared old lady that cried somedays
…and staff, let this story be told, when they had enought time on their hands, her hands would hold
but there was so few of you, and so many hands to hold
and while the care staff worked their fingers to the bone
My frail old nan would sit in a chair.. alone
A frail old lady, scared, in a room full of people
so very alone
But, I remember the days when this frail old lady was so young, free and seldom alone
and my nan cared for me
and she was, and still is the world to me
but, I lost you twice nan
I lost you twice
I lost the wonderful person that loved and guided me
And then the frighten, confused, frail old lady, that could hardly see
And to the staff that care for my nan, THANK YOU for you all did your best
but you know what? society needs to SEE
That we could do much better
its not hard to BE
So give us more kind staff, to hold people’s hands and then we will see, yes then we will see

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Frail care patient, 97, ‘had excrement smeared on his nose by a nurse as punishment for being incontinent’

A frail 97-year-old care patient had human excrement smeared on his nose by a nurse who scolded him for being incontinent, a jury was told.
Care home worker Barbara Kowalska is accused of ranting at elderly cancer patient Albert Inggall, calling him ‘dirty and filthy’ before shouting at him: ‘If you do this again you’ll be eating s*** cake.’
The 34-year-old nurse, who was working at the BUPA-run Donnington Care Home, in Donnington, near Newbury, Berkshire denies a single count of the neglect of a person with mental incapacity.

Click on the link to read more


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Deaths of four premature babies and burns in dozens more linked to antiseptic, says regulator

The deaths of four premature babies and serious burns in dozens more have been linked to an antiseptic solution, the medicines regulator has warned, urging doctors to use it sparingly.

Click on the link to read more


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Leprosy still exists in UK despite beliefs it was wiped out decades ago – but doctors are missing it because they think it’s eczema

Leprosy is still present in Britain but doctors missing are its symptoms due to beliefs it was wiped out more than half a century ago.
Around 130 cases of the disease – whose sufferers were treated as social outcasts in Medieval times – were reported in England and Wales between 2001 and 2010.
GPs are misdiagnosing the contagious infection, believing patients have a more common skin problem such as eczema, experts have warned.

Click on the link to read more


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Welsh hospital scandal ‘bigger than Mid Staffs’

POLICE are mounting what is believed to be the biggest single criminal investigation into the harm and neglect of patients at NHS hospitals.
Detectives have already charged three nurses with allegedly falsifying medical records and the wilful neglect of vulnerable patients. A further 17 nurses at Abertawe Bro Morgannwg University Health Board (ABMU) in south Wales have been suspended, of whom at least 10 are under police investigation.

Click on the PDF to see full story
Welsh hospital scandal

The Sunday times


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Can you help? Mail on Sunday is keen to publish how health workers, doctors and nurses are victimised after raising concerns

Mail on Sunday is keen to publish how health workers, doctors and nurses are victimised after raising concerns, in particular, how rogue management try to frame medical staff who are brave enough to expose corruption as “mad”.

Can you ask everyone (those who suffered) to email Stephen Adams (Medical Correspondent) at this email address:

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People supporting Whistle- blowers. A link to show support

To make things easier, just add your name in the comments box to show support, that will create a list making our lives and yours easier thanks!whistle-blowers/c1xt1

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Channel 5 News needs an interview with people re NHS cancellation rates of urgent operations for 27th June

Message from Sammy Emma Justice-4-Care
I have been asked to post this for Channel 5 News as I am unable to help them as have not been affected by the subject matter:

Hi all, I am a journalist from Channel 5 News and we are doing a story tomorrow on NHS cancellation rates of urgent operations and long hospital waiting times. I wondered if someone has some personal experience with this and would be willing to give an interview with us. Has someone waited so long in hospital that it has adversely affected their treatment? Or has someone had an operation cancelled at the last minute? We would really love to hear from someone or a relative of yours that had to wait a long time for a treatment. We can do the interview anytime before 2pm tomorrow. My email is and my number is 07713 849 834. Thanks very much.

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Help for Whistle Blowers – Please sign – We need as much help as possible

Dear all, may I ask that you all get behind a very simple campaign organised by Fiona Bell
All I ask is that your willing to have your name added to the attached letter in support of whistle blowers.

I’d ask that you share this message amongst as many as possible in order to get as much support as possible for brave people whom have spoken out often at great personal cost to themselves in order to protect others.

Please click on the link Restore and Build and sign under my name and please email back to me or Fiona

Please click on the link to download and sign Restore & Rebuild

Email back to:

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NHS is still gripped by a culture of fear: Inquiry into whistleblowing set up by barrister who investigated Mid Staffs

Sir Robert Francis will chair the probe into NHS whistleblowing
Barrister ran the public inquiry into the Mid Staffordshire hospital scandal
Says many staff told him they were still too scared to speak out
He has contacted whistleblowers and will interview them about experiences

The NHS is to hold an inquiry into whistleblowing over claims that a ‘culture of fear’ still stops staff exposing poor care.
Sir Robert Francis, the barrister who ran the public inquiry into the Mid Staffordshire hospital scandal, will chair the probe.
Sir Robert said that since publishing his findings 16 months ago into the unnecessary deaths of hundreds of patients at Mid Staffs, many staff had contacted him saying they were still too scared to speak out.

Click on the link to read more


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One-fifth of hospitals ‘may be covering up mistakes’

A fifth of hospital trusts in England may be covering up mistakes, a government review suggests.
The analysis of reporting incidents shows 29 out of 141 trusts were not registering the expected number of safety incidents.
The review said this may be a sign of a “poor” safety culture.
Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt said it was important hospitals were “open and honest”, and that patients had a right to know about problems with reporting.
The data has been released as part of the Department of Health and NHS England’s drive to improve safety in the NHS.

Click on the link to read more


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Sharmila Chowdhury Whistleblower 6 with Jeremy Hunt via ITV London

Following from a letter sent to Jeremy Hunt, Health Secretary, by
Sharmila Chowdhury, a NHS whistleblower, and from the 6
whistleblowers to Simon Stevens, Head of NHS, a meeting was
arranged with Jeremy Hunt and Simon Stevens at Richmond House
on 18 June 2014 to discuss serious problems relating to NHS
whistleblowing. In attendance were other prominent whistleblowers.
The group described problems which surrounded whistlblowing and
the risks to patients which has resulted in NHS staff being too
scared to speak up. The group unanimously have demanded for
public inquiry, so that lessons can be learned and ‘correct’
measures can be implemented to protect all whistleblowers. Hunt
acknowledged that there were serious problems with whistleblowing
in the NHS and it was far from perfect. He also agreed there is a
still a long way to go.

Fiona Bell of Cure the NHS North East, helped broker the meeting for Sharmila Chowdhury and other whistleblowers
Well done to all getting into the media with national coverage.

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Cancer patient abandoned in ‘revolting’ hospital

Daughter of terminal ill woman speaks of how her mother was left in degrading conditions in the Buckley Ward of Epsom Hospital, which is already the focus of another serious complaint

A terminally ill woman was ‘left cold and filthy’ in an Epsom Hospital ward already the source of a serious complaint, her daughter claims.
Zelanie Cooper has decried the treatment of her mother Patricia Osborne, 71, at the hospital’s Buckley Ward.
Mrs Cooper, 43, from Tadworth, said Mrs Osborne, who was recently diagnosed with stage four cancer, was left ‘degraded, humiliated and terrified’ by her experience on the ward, in which she was found smeared in her own excrement.

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NHS spends £280,000 to send 28 staff on US ‘fact-finding mission’

CASH-strapped NHS chiefs spent nearly £300,000 on a “study tour” to the US last month for just 28 staff.
Managers and medics travelled to New York, Miami and Pennsylvania for a week-long fact-finding mission.
It cost the four medical groups – all in Surrey – £281,100, an average of £1,434 per person, per day.
The astonishing sum could pay for 10 nurses for almost a year. Campaigners hit out at the massive bill at a time jobs when are being axed.

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Shhh…. It’s a secret

Hello everyone,

Just a short post to say I am working on a project with a friend that will really help people who go to see their doctors, and go into hospital. I have been working on this project for some months now, and it’s still some way off. I will keep you all posted, but at this moment in time I cannot say more.
Please bear with me, and I promise to update you all as things progress.


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Breakthrough in the war on superbugs: British scientists decode defence mechanism of bacteria in discovery that could pave way for new drugs

British researchers have decoded a key defence mechanism
Breakthrough paves the way for new drugs to treat those bugs
It follows warnings that the rise of antibiotic-resistant superbugs could drag the health service back to the 19th century

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NHS may face whistleblower public inquiry – Sharmila Chowdhury

Jeremy Hunt and Simon Stevens, the head of the NHS, met in London with six whistleblowers who have won the support of senior backbenchers.

Jeremy Hunt is understood to be considering creating a “beefed-up” ombudsman to handle NHS whistleblowing cases and end the culture of silence in the health service.

The health secretary has also said that he is open to holding a Leveson-style public inquiry into the system after hearing stinging criticism of NHS trusts and health unions.

Yesterday Mr Hunt and Simon Stevens, the head of the NHS, met in London with six whistleblowers who have won the support of senior backbenchers on both sides of the Commons in their campaign for an inquiry and fresh investigations into their cases.

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NHS England faces £2bn funding gap, officials warn

NHS England is facing a £2billion funding shortfall in the next financial year, health bosses warned.
The health service’s increasing outgoings will outstrip the £100 billion budget it has been allocated from April 2015, the BBC was told.


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